Matt Hart

innovator, etc

Current Clients 2015
works in progress 

Cisco Corporate Affairs
Brand, Product and Education Innovation
San Jose, Global

Audience Innovation
New York, Sweden

Innovation Capability
London, UK

DIY Entrepreneurial Ventures

Made for Learning 
London, New York, Auckland

Ideas School
For Next-Gen Problem Solvers
London, Global


American Idol
Los Angeles, 2013-2014
In LA, they say you never have a bad meeting. Found out that’s true. Although we hit the brief of halting decline at launch in 2014, we never had the chance to complete the start. Radical experience though (check no.9 in the link)

Sony Music
London, Global 2007-2011
Lead the complete cultural overhaul to introduce and apply the right amount of innovation science to music and art. They made a film to tell the story (13 mins watch)

Do Lectures 
Cardigan Bay, Wales 2013
I normally present and talk about other’s ideas - which is easy. Here I told my own story and was terrified! (20 mins watch)

Innovation App
London, 2007- current
I’ve been trying to crack spontaneous creative collaboration for years. I’ve finally done it - now just need to get the bloody app built (two failed attempts with providers already!)

Cone™ Fan Innovation 
London, Global 2002 - current
This is what I really love - deeply understanding a fanbase, then innovating the creative strategies and ideas to connect with the widest audiences. The Cone™ originated with BBC Radio 1 in 2002. I’ve continued to develop it and the methods to apply it, culminating in Cone™ online which will launch circa 2016.


spiritual home

Yvon Chouinard
hero I never want to meet
(take an hour and watch this video titled 'The Education of a Reluctant Businessman'

fashionable idea coming one day 
(Everlane is closest in concept)

consuming principle to climate change
live skinnybuy once, buy best, make it last 
(Vitsoe currently comes closest IMHO re marriage of beautiful design with timeless sustainable manufacturing)

industryapproved at me dot com